VMworld 2019 : VMware Cloud on AWS updates

One of the more notable features of VMworld 2019 was how VMware featured the AWS partnership predominantly at the conference. As you may remember VMware Cloud on AWS is a fully managed service and updates are pushed out to your SDDC on a regular basis. With the most recent release, VMware’s latest focus brings new functionality specifically to highlight the cost savings an enterprise would have by leveraging the platform.

VMware said, “This release focuses on leveraging VMware Cloud on AWS for migration and modernization of workloads.” in their official statement, they touted it as a new experience. “A new Cloud Migration experience is available on VMware Cloud on AWS today through the Cloud Console, and over time other workflows are planned to be available on VMware Cloud on AWS as well as other platforms such as VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts and VMware Cloud on Dell EMC”

The cloud migration services are a being powered by VMware HCX which has been part of the product since the launch over 2 years ago now. HCX is like magic in a box as it simplifies all of the complex tasks associated with migrations and creating hybrid clouds. You can select and group VM’s into groups and plan their migration and automate the cutover.

That being said there have been some new functionality added to HCX as well. “New VMware HCX capabilities enable push-button migration and interconnectivity between VMware Cloud on AWS SDDCs running in different AWS Regions and new Elastic vSAN support further improves storage scaling,” VMware said. “Once applications are migrated customers can extend the capabilities of applications through integration of native AWS Services.”

For the DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as-a-Service) and data protection fans VMware will be leveraging their relationship with Dell EMC for some new solutions that will use AWS S3 (simple storage service) with VMC. This will enable enterprises to drastically reduce their RTO’s & RPO’s and their operating costs for their DR facilities.