Measuring DevOps

DevOps is about delivering Business Value, therefore the things you measure should align with the business. Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) should fall into one of 3 general categories, Velocity, Quality, or Business Value.  Velocity specifically measures the rate at which an organization can deliver software change. Quality measures how well the software change being delivered meets business requirements and performs to satisfaction. Business Value should measure an organization’s capacity and efficiency in delivering software change to Production.
Blow is a list of some DevOps KPI’s that you can start measuring today in your enterprise.
  • Cost of moving a change through the application lifecycle
  • Cost of application lifecycle
  • Cost per feature
  • Feature utilization
  • Percentage of time spent on unplanned change
  • Time a release is in a particular environment (Development, Stage, UAT, Production)
  • Number of releases from Development that impacted Operations procedures, automation, orchestration
  • Release velocity (the frequency of releases to production)
  • Release quality (number of defects found post production)
  • Release rollback frequency
  • Mean time between failures
  • Mean time to recover from failures