How to use Terraform with VMware Cloud on AWS |

In this article I will show you how to use Terrafom to provision a VM to VMware cloud on AWS. Using Terraform with the vSphere Provider is not new. Because VMware Cloud on AWS is a managed service there are some gotchas with using a tool like Terraform. Because of the limited rights model you need to make some adjustments to your Terraform plan to accommodate this, then your on your way to developer Nirvana. Updated 2/26/18 Pre-Reqs A Linux template in VMware Cloud on AWS that can be cloned with guest customization At least one logical network in VMware Cloud on AWS A Linux workstation that can access the vCenter Serer and VM’s on the Logical Network and Github,com Terraform installed and configured in the workstation VM see here Before we begin let’s explore the limited rights model a bit. In VMware Cloud on AWS. no matter what ACL you give your users you will not have access to write to the root of the data center and you are limited to a certain resource pool You

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