How Will CloudHealth and VMware Cloud Fit…

Companies need the most robust solution to manage #multi-cloud environments. Now, it’s here. How Will CloudHealth and VMware Cloud Fit… VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger shares that VMware will incorporate multiple cloud services into CloudHealth to create the ultimate multi-cloud solution for customers. Wavefront by VMware, VMware Secure State and VMware Cloud Automation Services will join […]

VMware Cloud on AWS Solutions

RoundTower has partnered with VMware and AWS to deliver a jointly engineered solution that is second to none. This new offering is a complete hybrid cloud solution that promises to bridge the gap between legacy applications and the public cloud. Retain and leverage your investments in your team, tools, and skills, while keeping the same […]

New – Infrequent Access Storage Class for Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) | AWS News Blog

Amazon Elastic File System lets you create petabyte-scale file systems that can be accessed in massively parallel fashion from hundreds or thousands of EC2 instances and on-premises servers, while scaling on demand without disrupting applications. Since the mid-2016 launch of EFS, we have added many new features including encryption of data at rest and in […]