Five tips for using revision control in operations

Whether you’re still using Subversion (SVN), or have moved to a distributed system like Git, revision control has found its place in modern operations infrastructures. If you listen to talks at conferences and see what new companies are doing, it can be easy to assume that everyone is now using revision control, and using it […]

Cost is not the main reason behind cloud adoption

The notion that cloud computing solutions are being driven primarily by reduced costs, and that they’re causing IT teams to shrink everywhere seems to be significantly in the myths area. A new report by Six Degrees Group (6DG) points out that there are other, more important reasons, businesses opt for cloud solutions, and that teams are not […]

New IaaS scores for AWS, Azure and Google based on Gartner’s 234 Evaluation Criteria for Cloud IaaS

Gartner has published the updated cloud IaaS scores for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform. These research documents are among the most anticipated research that we publish. It gives Gartner for Technical Professional (GTP) clients access to in-depth technical assessment of the three major cloud IaaS providers. via New IaaS scores for AWS, Azure and […]

Amazon’s AWS buys Cloud9 to add more development tools to its web services stack

Amazon Web Services has made an acquisition to continue building out the services that it offers around and on its cloud storage platform. It has bought Cloud9, a San Francisco-based startup that has built an integrated development environment (IDE) for web and mobile developers to collaborate together. via Amazon’s AWS buys Cloud9 to add more development tools […]

Chef Releases High Availability 2.0

Chef has recently released Chef Server HA 2.0 which is a complete redesign of their Architecture designed for Mission Critical implementations that also require performance and reliability. Chef Server HA now provides high degrees of fault tolerance, support for virtualized environments, synchronous search writes, increased indexing and native backup and restore tools that do not impact […]