Explore Continuous Delivery in AWS with the Pipeline Starter Kit

Continuous delivery, automating your software delivery process from code to build to deployment, is a powerful development technique and the ultimate goal for many development teams. AWS provides services, including AWS CodePipeline (a continuous delivery service) and AWS CodeDeploy (an automated application deployment service) to help you reach this goal. With AWS CodePipeline, any time […]

Faster, Smarter DevOps

Moving your release cadence from months to weeks is not just about learning Agile practices and getting some automation tools. It involves people, tooling and a transition plan. I will discuss some of the benefits and approaches to getting there. via Faster, Smarter DevOps

Creating a culture for DevOps to thrive

For many organizations, the move to DevOps is more complicated than simply putting agile metholodies, tools, and techniques into practice – it requires a cultural shift. This is especially true when running into the inevitable roadblocks that occur along the path to disruption. Mirco Hering, Agile & DevOps lead for Accenture and a speaker at the […]

CIOs need to avoid a mistaken path to DevOps

DevOps is the completion of the Agile methodology and creates an engineering environment in which developers can achieve speed. How fast is the difference? Agile is like a person running fast – about 20 miles per hour tops. DevOps is like a person driving a Ferrari who can exceed 200 miles per hour. Often as […]