Five Factors for Continuous Delivery Success

  Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) has recently published fascinating new research into release automation and its impact on Continuous Delivery. The study reveals that over 80% of organizations are already engaged in digital transformation initiatives, with the top focus being on improved speed of delivery, improved quality of services and tighter business/IT alignment. The top […]

USB-C Anker PowerCore+ 50% off!

Anker makes some of the best USB products on the market, quality built.  I have several of their products in my backpack and use them when I travel.  Their PowerIQ technology ensures your device charges at the right voltage and amperage to maximize your charging time.  Today the Anker PowerCore+ is available for $59.99 if you […]

MAME Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator

After 19 years, MAME is now available under an OSI-compliant and FSF-approved license! Many thanks to all of the contributors who helped this to go as smoothly as possible! We have spent the last 10 months trying to contact all people that contributed to MAME as developers and external contributors and get information about desired […]

The benefits of a fully agile workplace — or why you should not stop at scrum

In theory, the scrum methodology is an excellent way to make the product development cycle more efficient. Scrum is better able to incorporate customer feedback by delivering the product in small iterations in close collaboration with the customer. Dividing one long marathon into a series of “sprints” creates a customer-centric, agile mentality that significantly improves […]

ChatOps Interface

ChatOps: The New Interface of DevOps Download Slide Deck: ▸ Here The modern software development landscape consists of best practices and tools that allow teams to deliver software in a near-continuous manner. By adopting a culture of automation, measurement and sharing, the time to ship code has been greatly reduced, allowing for shorter release cycles and […]

How to Select a Test Automation Tool

A Test Automation Tool can play a big role in deciding success as well as effectiveness of Test Automation. Based on the growth in the device and browser matrix, it is not recommended to build test automation framework around a single tool; however, many organizations still continue to do so. It becomes even more important […]